Embrace Herectus and reach the Moon 🚀🚀🚀

Meet Herectus,the God of pleasure.

Introducing $BIGD, a community-focused product-bound BSC token that unlocks godly power and helps you reach the mythical Kalokagathia.

“One pill is enough for a whole night of epic action that keeps all harpies awake!”

- Pusseidon

Buy $BIGD on PancakeSwap

Buy $BIGD on PancakeSwap

Product behind the token:
Sex improvement pills!

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Embrace Herectus

Make your tokens harder and longer. Boost your self-confidence to legendary levels.
Invest and help Herectus to launch its mythical erection pills product.

Strong and rapid erection

Strong and rapid erection

The formula was perfected for Pusseidon himself to make his trident straight and strong. Get Herectus and slay the hydra!

Buy them anonymously

Buy them anonymously

Access Herectus using the $BIGD token, ensuring transaction privacy protection while rewarding its holders.

Profit sharing, discounts and more!

Profit sharing, discounts and more!

$BIGD holders unlock premium product features, enjoy discounts and automatically receive profit share.

Buy $BIGD on PancakeSwap

Herectus Merch

Coming soon

Experience unique product-bound token

Real product behind

Herectus products are priced in USD, but available for purchase only with $BIGD tokens. Therefore early adopters of the $BIGD token can buy more as the token appreciates.

Unique profit sharing mechanism

We put 5% of each product sale back into the liquidity pool so $BIGD appreciate and its holders participate on Herectus‘ success.

Hodlers motivation

Holders of $BIGD get product discounts, can access premium offers and early adopt new products.


Continuously rising price floor

$BIGD smart contract contains a 3% transaction fee that goes directly back into the liquidity pool, appreciating the token over time.


Max buy order limits and minimum time period holding mechanisms against whale dumps and bot manipulation.

Locked liquidity

Liquidity is locked and team tokens are vested through Team.finance.

Burning mechanism

We burn all tokens left from presale, unused marketing budget and 2x more from public circulation.

Join our $BIGD family today!


Fair and long lasting ecosystem.

5% Profit sharing

We put 5% of each product sale back into the liquidity pool. Participate on Herectus' success!

3% Transaction tax

Tax appreciates the token as its popularity grows. More rewards for holders!

Vested team

All privately held tokens will be locked on team.finance and vested over a period of 24 months, ensuring no price shocks and dumps.

  • 7% Private Presale
  •     X% Burned (left from private presale)
  • 33% Public Presale
  • 20% Listing liquidity
  • 10% Marketing (Locked)
  • 5% Team (Locked)
  • 2% CAPEX
  • 3% OPEX
  • 20% Burned

Use of funds from presale

Herectus product launch

Join the presale and help us launch Herectus production, marketing and the whole ecosystem.

Fair listing

Majority of presale funds go into the initial liquidity, ensuring the same presale and listing price.

Anti bot & whales

No wallet holds more than 0.5% of token supply and presale is limited to 30 BNB per wallet.

  • 60.6% Listing liquidity
  • 15% Production launch
  • 15% Marketing
  • 9.4% Team


$BIGD launches on PancakeSwap in January, 2022 but you can join the journey before.

Phase I

Phase I

  • Presale starting December 20, 2021
  • Concept introduction
  • Uncapped Rewards focused on Community Engagement
  • Core Community Growth
  • Initial Token Listings
  • Raise Rewards System Awareness
  • Team Expansion
  • Token Airdrops
Phase II

Phase II

  • Public sale starting January 17, 2022
  • Merchandising launch
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • DEX and Exchanges partnerships
  • Product pre-orders opened
  • Community rewards
  • NFT Airdrops to holders
Phase III

Phase III

  • E-commerce launch (Q1 2022)
  • Herectus store launch
  • Listing on Gate.io & KuCoin
  • Marketing campaign launch
  • New products introduction
  • Pre-orders delivery
  • Affiliate cooperation
  • Customer education campaign